About us

Our mission

Our mission is simple: bring hemp based drinks that are good for you and the planet to your doorstep. Days can be stressful and we want to support you by bringing you harmony and balance.

We are dedicated to using only the highest-quality, natural ingredients along our premium source of hemp derived CBD. We will never compromise on our choice of ingredients and flavours and we will never add anything artificial to our drinks. This is our Cannasa promise to you.

We aim to having positive social impact by educating people about the benefits of hemp and by supporting mental health charities.

We are committed to sustainability. Everyday we will make little changes to make to make Cannasa sustainable. We are all part of this planet.

Our story

Cannasa was founded by Matthew Pygott and Gregor Pecnik, sustainability consultants who wanted to create great tasting and amazing looking hemp drinks that people can use in social occasions and use it instead of oils or vapes.

Matt and Gregor both led active lifestyles and were conscious about what they consumed to support their wellbeing. The pair decided to bring hemp to the mainstream in the form of delicious functional drinks, so that more consumers than ever before could experience its fantastic benefits. Matt and Gregor created Cannasa to inspire people to do their best, complement a busy lifestyle, enable individuals to savour the moment, tastes great and also provides wellbeing-enhancing benefits. Their belief is that hemp is one of the most useful and sustainable plants in the world and more people should be aware of its benefits.

Our impact

Cannasa strives itself to be one of the most sustainable brands on the market. We will achieve this by:

Responsibly sourcing ingredients

Using sustainable packaging

Working with our partners to ensure sustainable business practices have been considered throughout our product supply chain and manufacturing.

Sharing with the community and other businesses what we have learned.

We recognize that this is not nearly enough and we will not only seek to minimise harm, but to do more good by making improvement where we can one bottle at the time.