Body positive

For those who reach the extra mile

Cannasa is great for hydration and recovery after your workout. It tastes great and has absolutely nothing artificial. It has been designed for you to savor the taste of success.

Drinking Cannasa post workout allows you to savor the taste of a great session either in a gym, pool or on the road. It will also help you with the post workout recovery. Not only do you need to replace the water lost in sweat and hydrate but our Raspberry Lemonade is packed with unique ingredients that can make all the difference to your day.

Adding CBD into your post work recovery – every time we do a workout our body breaks itself down in order the build itself back up. This take a demanding toll on our immune system and leaves us feeling sore, lethargic and exhausted. Some scientists believe CBD plays an important vital role in the regulation of the immune system post work. Your body also requires rest after every workout and CBD helps with increased deep sleep that can support muscle recovery.

Unique botanicals – lime flower and roses both contain anti inflammation compounds and the limeflower has benefits on stress and anxiety and can make recovery faster.

British beet sugar – your body needs to restock its vital muscle glycogen stores. In fact its recommended you drink some sugary drink in the hour immediately after a workout. Our Raspberry Lemonade is low in sugar to help you restock some of your glycogen.

Online shop available soon

We’re so excited about the launch and are working hard to set up the online shop. In the mean time you can help us with feedback and pre-order your very first Cannasa drinks!