Cannasa partner with Offset Earth


Cannasa partner with Offset Earth

Cannasa was founded by 2 sustainability professionals who wanted to create drinks with a purpose. That purpose is not just to help people’s health and wellbeing, but to reduce the environmental impact we have as a business too. Currently, Cannasa uses 100% recyclable glass bottles, a compostable label that is partially made of hemp as well as source local British beet sugar which has lower carbon footprint than sugar cane. Cannasa is bottled at the heart of the country in Birmingham allowing easy distribution and further reducing food miles. To reduce our footprint, Cannasa has partnered with Offset Earth to become carbon neutral.

Offset Earth focuses on the best tools to tackle the current climate crisis – trees. These are vital in preventing ecological collapse and coastal erosion near settlements. Offset Earth partners with The Eden Reforestation Project to plant millions of trees around the world each month and are currently focusing on mangrove reforestation in Madagascar.

Our funds go directly to a designated land to the north west of the island near Marataola. Here we contribute to the planting of 1,354 hectares of trees. Cannasa is helping plant 2 million mangroves and will contribute to further projects as they move down the coast.

Cannasa is the first CBD drinks brand to partner with such a company to offset carbon emissions. Our goal is to be thefirst carbon neutral CBD drinks brand, meeting the needs of the sustainability conscious consumer. In our first month, we will save 2.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide – that’s the equivalent of over 5000 miles in the car!

Track Cannasa’s progress on Offset Earth and look out for more of their partnerships here;