Doing our bit in the time of coronavirus


CANNASA, An Oxford based CBD drinks brand doing their bit in the time of coronavirus

These are unprecedented times with health and economic implications beyond anything we could have possibly imagined. 

It is important that now more than ever, we work together and support vulnerable individuals who have been particularly affected by this crisis and people who are keeping us safe such as the National Health Service and front-line staff. 

We cannot stand idle as this crisis unfolds in front of our eyes. We are a soft drinks brand and we are a brand on a mission. Not only do we want to popularise hemp and bring it to every fridge, we want to contribute to creating a better tomorrow. 

We have decided to support two noble causes in our current capacity. We will work with food banks, which are currently struggling with an increase in demand and will also support mental health charities. 

We are fully aware that a CBD drink may not be high on the list of most needed products, but the charities we have spoken to have indicated that Cannasa would be perfect to brighten someone’s day. We need fuel to keep our bodies going, but we also need an oasis of calm amidst all this chaos and isolation. 

This is what we are going to achieve over the next three months: 

  • We will donate as many bottles as we can of Cannasa to food banks and charities. We have a target to donate 10,000 bottles this summer. So far, we have donated over 3,960 bottles to Bicester Food Bank (part of Trussell Trust), SOFEA, The Real Junk Food Project. Our first deliveries went out this week on 31 March 2020. 
  • We will donate 100% of our profits to mental health charities, such as Mind and SANE through the period of April through to July 2020 

This our humble start. We encourage our community to take a proactive approach through social media when it comes to organisations we can support. By buying Cannasa our customers are not only enjoying a great tasting beverage, they are also helping to raise money for those who need it the most. Support us to help each other. 

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