Our hemp


The key hero in Cannasa is our unique CBD sourced from EU grown hemp. Hemp itself has a vast array of sustainability benefits. It is why we love it and we want more people to use it. It is one of the more sustainable plants and has throughout history been used for a range of purposes from construction, fabrics through to food. Below are a few of favourite key facts on hemp sustainability;

1. Using less Chemicals

Growing hemp requires less pesticides and herbicides than many other crops. Crop chemicals are added to promote yield productivity however they can have a negative impact on water quality in surrounding streams polluting and killing aquatic animals. Growing hemp reduces that risk of pollution – make the fish happy!

2. It can be used for cleaning up soil pollution

Through its large root system hemp can actually clean soils by absorbing heavy metals and pollutants. This will allow future soils to be more productive. Hemp has actually been used to clean soils from nuclear disasters but don’t worry out CBD isn’t radioactive!

3. Roots of hemp can grow up to 9 feet deep therefore making it idea to combat soil erosion

After soils have been farmed for a number of years they loose nutrients and stability. The most famous instance of this is the USA Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Hemp roots grow in the soil and stabilize it allowing it to resist erosion from wind and water.

4. A CO2 sink

Farmed hemp has been scientifically proven to absorb more CO2 per hectare than any other commercial crop and therefore is a carbon sink. One hectare of hemp can absorb 22 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. In fact for every tonne of hemp farmed, 1.6 tonnes of atmospheric carbon is removed – its more effective than trees!

5. Hemp is also relatively drought-resistant

Hemp has been relied upon several times during drought-induced famine. Hemp relies on very little water for growth and also has been used for its high protein seeds as a main component of nutrients.

6. No waste

There are over 20,000 products made from all component of the hemp plant, from its seeds to its stalks. Nothing goes to waste.