For body and mind

Whatever form of relaxation you take, Cannasa is there for you. It is an excellent drink for you my dear yogi. With nothing artificial and carefully selected ingredients it is the ideal addition to your yoga practice because of its soothing effects on the mind and body.

Throughout our day we have the steady hum of low grade anxiety and stress. Our days are packed with meetings or travelling, we are chasing career goals, worrying about friendships and relationships and juggling what is in our wallets. This is why many people have turned to Yoga to take a moment, calm down, delve into your inner self and take a breath.

Our CBD, all natural, no artificial ingredients enhance the gentle and relaxing vibe of yoga. Our CBD is the ideal addition after practicing yoga because of its soothing effects on the mind and body.

Our Botanical Raspberry Lemonade heightens the harmonizing sensation in the body, which is already been achieved by the mind body connection yoga develops. The awareness of the body combined with Cannasa helps promote deeper, slower and more intentional breathing which in turn can help you accomplish benefits from your practice.

Our added botanicals of rose and limeflower add additional recovery after your yoga session by providing anti inflammation compounds Lime flower in particular has benefits on stress and anxiety and has been used for years as a calming herbal remedy.

As many yogis are discovering, our soft drinks and yoga practice go together like bolsters and yoga mats. Two great ideas that serve a purpose but alone, but totally rewarding together.

Online shop available soon

We’re so excited about the launch and are working hard to set up the online shop. In the mean time you can help us with feedback and pre-order your very first Cannasa drinks!